Founders + Directors
​Britt grew up wandering in the Alabama woods. Three things defined his childhood: being in the woods, working construction with his dad, and seeking Jesus. He was born-again at 5 years old, was baptized in the Holy Spirit at 11, and knew at 13 that Jesus had called him to full-time ministry. While studying at Auburn University, he went incurably blind with macular dystrophy, but God healed him in an instant! Britt knows from personal experience that Jesus still heals today.

Audrey grew up in suburban Atlanta. When she was 3 years old she said, “I want Jesus.” Growing up, she was active in sports and drama, and went on summer mission trips where she developed a love for international ministry. She got her degree in elementary education at Auburn University, where she met Britt. They married in 1988 while Britt was a contractor building custom homes.

Britt and Audrey are grandparents and absolutely love it. Their adult children have grown up to love and serve Jesus, which they count as their greatest gift. Hannah married Ben Johnson and they have 4 children.

Aspen married John Marshall and is working as Mountain Gateway’s Operations Director. Jacob married Cassie, they have one son and serve as Mountain Gateway missionaries in Mexico and Nicaragua. David is working for Mountain Gateway’s coffee farm business.
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