Property Managers

The Browns, Donald, Alice, Calvin, Liam, and Charlie, are originally from Huntsville, Alabama. Donald and Alice both met Jesus there when they were young, and Huntsville is the place God used to launched them on an incredible journey of surrender.

In 2021, the Lord began preparing the Brown family for an extraordinary life – one that is fully ordinary in humanity but is extraordinary when submitted to God. Sometimes obedience is hard, but when Jesus asked the Browns to pack everything up, sell their house, and hit the road as American missionaries managing RV properties, that’s exactly what they did. They loaded up their two youngest kids (their oldest, Calvin, stayed in Huntsville), two Great Danes, and began the adventure Jesus had planned for them.

With missions in their hearts, they prayed, and applied to be part of Mountain Gateway Academy Cohort 22. They were ready to become full-time missionaries, but before the year began, the Lord shifted things.

Mountain Gateway needed Property Managers, which was exactly what the Browns had already been doing together. They applied and joined our staff as Property Managers in Dripping Springs, Texas, in January 2022. The Lord was in every detail of the process!

Donald and Alice also serve as a Mountain Gateway Wilderness Instructors – something they are both passionate about. They are an extremely creative and talented family, so in their free time, you can find them working together on a new creative project or enjoying a family hike!