Dustin + Sarah Seales

We are the Seales family. Dustin, Sarah, Jackson, Andy, Ethan, and Caleb.

As a family of six, we believe we are entering into a season of surrender and faith-filled trust in God as we join Mountain Gateway’s Academy! There’s a part of it that feels like it’s been a long time coming, but we know that God’s timing for this call has been so purposeful. As soon as we decided to take a step of faith together as a family, the doors began to fling wide open and God’s hand has been on every step we’ve taken since. And to be able to do it together as a family has made it all the more wonderful! Our kids are so excited about Mountain Gateway!

From a young age I, Sarah, have had a deep love for missions. As soon as I was old enough, I went on a mission trip to Mexico with our church and never missed a summer of missions after that! At 15 years old I heard the audible voice of the Lord tell me, “You are a missionary, Sarah.” In the years after that, I both continued going on trips as well as led trips. I wanted to be a part of missions in a larger capacity, but those doors didn’t open. However, God’s voice still rang in my ears, and my passion for the world never faltered.

After Dustin and I were married in 2013, God placed a great love for missions in Dustin’s heart after his first trip to Peru. He always knew God had designed him to serve people, but he came back from that trip expressing how he had gotten a clearer picture of what that might look like for him. Since then, we have fervently prayed and sought after what God might want us to do.

As we pray and worship and spend time with the Lord leading up to this new journey, we are expectant. We expect to be stretched like never before. We expect to experience God like never before. We expect to be further equipped for mission work. All while growing closer as a family and together, further seeking the calling God has for us. We can’t wait!