Dusty And Ann Hammock

Vice President + Operations Director

Dusty was part of a revival in Birmingham that was foundational in Britt’s hunger and passion for God as a child. The excitement and energy for Jesus in that time marked their lives forever. The Hammock and Hancocks have stayed connected over the years as Dusty and Ann served in a variety of ministry facets, including youth pastors, associate pastors, and lead pastor. Dusty has been the director of a drug and alcohol recovery program and they have also served in marketplace ministry. Dusty and Ann are entrepreneurs, authors, speakers, and mentors.

​Dusty was living his dream of serving Jesus in full time ministry as a husband and father when tragedy struck. His wife filed for divorce while they were pastoring full-time, and he instantly became a single father to three broken-hearted children. In the midst of shattered dreams and helplessness, he discovered the supernatural hope that can only come through Jesus. And the worst days of his life have become his greatest testimony. God restored every area of his life… beyond what he could ever imagine.

Ann was born and raised in Alabama. She accepted Jesus when she was a young girl, but her family was in and out of church as her father struggled with an addiction to alcohol. When she was 17 years old, she completely surrendered her life to Jesus and became passionate about Him and about ministry. She served in her local church and pursued a degree in Secondary Education. When she and Dusty married in 1994, they instantly became a family of five with Faith, Rebecca, Jonathan, before having two more children, Bailee and Jaden.

1995-1998: Dusty worked full-time in the marketplace as God miraculously blessed him in business and restored the financial devastation he had experienced through a tragic divorce. Ann was a stay-at-home and homeschool mom. They watched God restore his children, his finances, his ministry, and his dreams.

1998-2001: Dusty became the Associate Pastor at Sumiton Church of God. They served in full-time ministry.

2001-2010: Dusty and Ann became Senior Pastors at Point of Grace Ministries. They quickly launched an outreach ministry into the inner city of Birmingham. The church was a multicultural, dynamic group of people who loved the City of Birmingham but also had a passion for world missions. They launched a ministry in Kenya, Africa, and ordained pastors in Kenya that now consists of almost 30 churches throughout Kenya and the Congo.

2010-2013: In 2010, God spoke to both Dusty and Ann that they were released from Point of Grace, and Dusty became the Director at the Foundry Farm, a drug and alcohol recovery program. They also launched a health and wellness business in 2011.

2011-2019: Dusty and Ann led one of the largest independent organizations inside of a health and wellness business. Here they established a network of business partnerships, friendships, and opportunities to speak, author, mentor and lead in marketplace ministry. Dusty’s book Dream Again was published. During this season, Dusty had been a part of several Mountain Gateway experiences, including a 30-day expedition to Alaska.

2020: While their hearts have been joined for many years, Dusty and Ann officially joined the Mountain Gateway staff. Dusty serves as Vice-President of Mountain Gateway. Ann serves as the Impact Partner Coordinator and both of them are Mountain Gateway Recruiting Directors, championing the call of the Great Commission.

Dusty and Ann have always had a great passion for their family. Their greatest joy is seeing all of their children love Jesus, and it is an incredible privilege to get to do ministry alongside their children and some of their dearest friends.