Training Directors

Garrett and Alicia were drawn together in 2003 by a shared goal to reach the nations for Jesus. This took shape in their lives in 2012 when they entered the Mountain Gateway training program with their family and moved to the foreign mission field. While there, they sought out areas with minimal Bible knowledge or lack of local pastoral presence. They evangelized these communities, preached the gospel message in Spanish, discipled new believers and established house churches.

Today, their family focuses on missionary training and pastoral care with Mountain Gateway. In training, they help future missionaries work through the issues of laying down who they are in order to become all that God wants them to be.

They also have a heart to see current and future missionaries succeed on the foreign field, and firmly believe that pro-active pastoral care is key in order for missionaries to thrive. They love problem solving, are highly adaptable, total “gear heads” who can find humor in almost any situation, and enjoy a good meal.