What do you do when your prayer changes from asking the Lord of the harvest to send laborers to the field to “Lord here am I, send me?” For me, I have to go! The cost counted, the loss is gain to fulfill the plans the Lord has written for my life. Mountain Gateway Academy is an answer to a prayer of my heart and a pathway established by the Lord in the season to come. I am so excited!

I realized the dream hidden in my heart began to unfold in the year 2014. That is when this prodigal daughter came to her senses and was welcomed home. I recommitted myself to Jesus Christ with all sincerity, from a simple yearning to start the new year off in church.

The Rock Family Worship Center in Huntsville, Alabama, is a part of that beginning. This place piqued my curiosity many times as I passed by the building in my car. I often wondered…why is the parking lot always full? The wonder stirred again and again until I stepped across the threshold to find the answer…Jesus Christ. It is in this place I experienced the tangible presence of the Spirit of the Living God in a fresh way.

It is He who planted me at The Rock, in good soil to be watered, to learn, and to grow in the things of God. I count it all joy to be in this family. Every life group, bible study, event or service, servant leader opportunity, ministry school, prayer group, and relationship of the past eight years has prepared me for this next step, to include Elijah House Prayer Ministry. It is where I have learned and come to know that God is relational and loving, not abstract, aloof and afar. He is near, and God desires relationship with His creation.

In 2021 I learned of Mountain Gateway Academy for the first time. Excitement effervesced as I listened to the story of the Hancocks and the Mountain Gateway Ministry. I was so excited at the prospect that I felt like I was going to burst. Winter 2022, I attended another engagement and continued to have excitement yet a peaceful knowing to proceed in faith.

The question is often asked, what would you do if you were not afraid? Wow, what a difference Jesus Christ makes. Unafraid, surrendered, preparing to go to MGA, and complete the 11-month discipleship and missionary academy. Yes, this mid-century mom is embarking on this God-venture to go and share the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Will you partner with me, that I would be able to complete the journey? People need to hear the truth, to make the choice. How will they know if no one goes to share the truth? Come and see what we can do together, partnering with each other and co-laboring with the Lord in faith. Come on, let’s go!!