We disciple through church planting and corporate worship and train national pastors to reach the lost in their own culture.
There is an alarming trend in missions to focus only on addressing social problems like feeding and clothing the poor, instead of preaching the Gospel and planting churches.
The lost are weary and oppressed, grasping to have temporary needs met but never awake to hope in Christ. Improving temporary conditions is important to us, but it is secondary to investing in people’s eternity.
To focus on meeting temporary physical needs at the expense of bringing the lost to salvation is to trample on the blood of Jesus.

Everyone should get an opportunity to meet Jesus before they die.

Empowered by prayer, fasting, and worship, we go to the difficult places and proclaim the good news to the poor.

  • We disciple through planting churches and corporate worship.
  • We rescue children from human trafficking.
  • We provide jobs for marginalized farmers.
  • We rehab men and boys from drug addiction and abuse.
  • We feed and clothe the needy.
  • We house orphans and widows.


When we die to ourselves in obedience to the Great Commission, we see God rescue His sons and daughters in every nation on earth. Join us on a short term mission trip, partnering with what God is doing throughout the nations.

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“I was widowed at 28, the mother of two boys. I worked as a housekeeper to sustain my family and I became the mistress of one of the wealthier men in town, though he was married with a family. I had a daughter with him. When my daughter was 10, I was in search of work, and an American family, the Hancocks, gave me a job. The woman, Audrey, told me about Jesus and my life was changed forever. I stopped the affair with my daughter’s father and dedicated my existence to Jesus. I can’t stop telling people about how He changed my life and gave me hope.”

Nicolás STORY

I was working with a group of men on the side of the road when two missionaries, Garrett and Alex, stopped their truck and told us about Jesus. We listened but didn’t respond. They asked for our phone numbers, so I gave them mine, but I ignored their calls. One day, I met those same men, going house to house talking about Jesus. They asked if they could come back to visit me. It would have been rude to say no, so I agreed, but any time I saw them coming, I would hide in my cornfield. One day, they came while I was still at the house. They told me about Jesus. I told them I didn’t want to pray for salvation. They asked if they could read me the Bible. I said yes, and invited them back. They read the Bible to me every week. After two or three months, Garrett asked me again if I wanted to give my life to Jesus. I said yes. And now I am a pastor, going to other villages to teach people about the Bible.


“I was sold into sex trafficking by my brother when I was 8 years old. A woman named Nicole found me when I was 11, and I moved into the Village Children’s home – but the drugs and trauma trapped me in a vicious cycle. I ran away from home with pimps and had three baby boys by the time I was 17 – all of whom were raised at the Village Children’s home. I finally surrendered my life to Jesus and came home to the Village. Now I am happily married and raising my sons to love Jesus.”

Andres' STORY

“I am thankful I have a bed to sleep in and a family who loves me. I am thankful that I have food to eat and I am no longer a drunkard who wakes up in ditches.”


“Working on this farm has positively impacted me spiritually and economically, because the good salary I get for working here gives me, my wife, and my kids a better standard of living. And in a spiritual sense, the most important thing is how the brothers (missionaries) speak to us from the word of God and tell us of the love that we need to have for all of the other workers.”

You can make a difference

We understand what it is like to have a burden for the lost, but not know where to start.