​”Mountain Gateway Ministries goes the distance to follow Jesus and do what He says. I’ve never seen a more spirit-led adventure than this one.”

Jared Anderson, Worship Leader and Songwriter

“Britt Hancock has faithfully served at his post in Mexico for years, ministering the gospel in some of the most remote locations of the world. His strong faith combined with a deep understanding of the word of God has lead to many being saved and lives being transformed. He is truly a man that has kept a passion for Jesus in the midst of persecution and trials and walks in a personal relationship with Jesus. It is because of this long time faithful service that I believe that Britt has a message that needs to be shared. He has a wealth of wisdom and personal experience that can encourage believers everywhere to live a deeper life with God. My hope is that you will listen to the message that Britt has burning inside of him and consider the opportunity to share that message with others. ”

John Bevere, Author/Speaker, Messenger International

“Britt has exceptional character, tremendous perseverance and a long track record of fruitful ministry.”

Brady Boyd, Senior Pastor, New Life Church

“The Full Gospel is the only gospel Britt knows, and in this sometimes suspicious subculture of the church he shines with authenticity. He lives his gospel, demonstrates it, teaches it, and makes no apology for it. Fresh out of the remote mountain huts of indigenous Aztec Mexico, Brittʼs gospel sears and then awakens and then compels a lethargic first-world church with too much information and too little substance.”

Rob Brendle, Senior Pastor, Denver United

“I have spent countless hours with him [Britt] in Bible study and prayer; served as a director with him on several nonprofit boards; trudged through the jungle with him as he tirelessly served small, forgotten villages; and walked through several seasons of life with him as a close friend and confidant. Britt’s history is one of deep personal relationship with Jesus Christ and relentless, sometimes miraculous ministry. He is a man with both a sharp mind and a deep heart.”

Collin Cumbee, Consulting CFO

“Britt Hancock is more than a position or label. He is a true prophetic voice in our time. His love for Kingdom and hatred for religion have resulted in raw, real, and radical change for those around him. He is shaking the earth. In a time where “talk” is louder than “walk”, Britt is a shining light to the contrary. He always shows up pointing people to Jesus. He always shows up with a display of God’s power, not his own. I have placed myself under Britt’s leadership for many years now. He possesses something that I myself long to have. I trust him.”

Jon Egan, Desperation Band, New Life Church

“Without a doubt, there is no one I would rather work with on a ministry project than Britt. His depth of experience and insight on so many levels is astounding, whether it is Biblical knowledge or interpersonal relationships; Britt has an uncanny ability to respond to people and situations in a positive and life-giving way.”

Mark Marble, Senior Pastor, Castle Rock Bible Church

“Britt has served God faithfully in a global ministry setting that has demonstrated his character. He works in extremely rural, often primitive settings which have little to offer in creature comforts and only are rewarding in spiritual ways. Britt has shown that he cares for the people, the ministry, and the glory of God, and places these above the things that most of us value. He has sacrificed and given of himself to a degree few of us understand.”

Keith L. Mondy, Lieutenant Colonel, USAF (Retired)

“Britt Hancock is one of those men that has so devoted his life to knowing JESUS, that the first moment you meet him, he makes JESUS known to you. From the presence of his Family, to the purpose of his ministry, to the passion of his worship, JESUS lives in and through this Man of God.”

Rusty Nelson, Lead Pastor, The Rock Family Worship Center

“I have known Britt Hancock for over twenty years and he has always challenged me to a deeper and more passionate pursuit of God. His stories and experiences read like a modern day book of Acts and his life message has always been about the presence of Jesus, making disciples and raising up missionaries to carry the message of the Gospel around the world. He has a global vision with a local perspective and an ability to connect the two in method and mission. I believe in Britt and the message God has given him to encourage, challenge and revive the Church to believe in the miraculous grace and love of Christ that every one of us can participate in. Britt has a great “God-story” and I’ll do whatever I can to contribute to the telling of it!”

Ross Parsley, Senior Pastor, One Chapel

“I am pleased to recommend to you both the life and ministry of Pastor Britt Hancock. I have personally witnessed him in his planting of churches and operation of gifting in Mexico and the United States. He operates mightily both in the Word and demonstration of God’s presence. He and his wife, Audrey, work together in an inspirational manner. They are able to testify to seeing things that God’s Word promises but few find themselves able to view and experience firsthand. Britt also has a great ability to point to Jesus as their source by both written and spoken word. The prospect of reading of their experience’s in their own words excites me!”

Dr. Patrick Schatzline M,D.D.k M. D.Th.,D.