Public Relations

Jesus and Texas – two things that run deep in the Mamula family! Rob and Jodi both grew up in Texas and moved around, seeing more of the country, before landing in Dripping Springs, Texas. When Rob was 25, he started a new job in a new city. He was tired of what the world had to offer and was looking for a stable group of good friends. One night, a small still voice prompted him toward church. He found people his age who were rooted in Christ and eventually gave his life to Jesus. He’s been serving God ever since. Jodi was invited to church while working as a professional dancer in a New York musical. While in a service, Jesus healed her from a spinal injury caused by dance. After that, she dedicated her whole life to seeking Him.

When they began life together, they knew they would serve the Lord as a family. After having three boys, Hendrix, Cash, and Titus, the family moved to Portland, Oregon, where they served on staff with Tetelestai Ministries, coordinating events and helping people find inner healing in Jesus. They loved their time in Portland but always wanted to return home to Texas. The Lord opened a door with Mountain Gateway in Dripping Springs, the very town they had lived in before moving to Portland – a town they knew and loved.

In August of 2022, the Mamula’s joined Mountain Gateway full-time as Public Relations Specialists and Wilderness Intensive Instructors, engaging with the community, coordinating events, and being the ‘Swiss army knives’ of PR!

They are the epitome of a rockstar boy family, so when they’re not working, you can find them playing football, hiking, or laughing at Titus’s jokes while on an adventure!