Risk Management Directors

Steve is a 33 year veteran of law enforcement with an extensive background in tactics, training and administration. He is a dedicated lifetime learner with thousands of hours instructing public safety services, including developing and coordinating an academy for police officers. Steve has over 25 years experience researching and drafting policies and risk and liability assessment and mitigation.

Steve became a believer during college, but it was after life changing encounters with Jesus in 1994 and 95 that his view of Christianity and spreading the gospel was transformed. Numerous mission trips have given him the opportunity to experience a variety of missionary lives and ministry styles. Steve met Britt and Audrey Hancock in 2002, and later visited their home in Mexico.

​Teaching the Safety and Security Course during Mountain Gateway’s Technical Skills Semester in 2016 opened the door for the melding of Steve’s career with his undying heart for ministry and missionaries. He now serves as Mountain Gateway’s Risk Management Director and the chairmen of their Risk Management Committee.