We are all called to the Great Commission, but it can look different for each of us. We’ve outlined four ways you can take action and respond to the Lord of the Harvest.

Get Involved

Missionaries who do not receive prayer support from the home front are 71% more likely to leave the mission field before they intended or for a negative reason.

Across the world, the lost are dying, and missionaries are falling apart because disappointment and unanswered prayers have kept those on the home front from truly believing that prayer is the most valuable contribution they can make.

Mountain Gateway Prayer is a community of believers dedicated to systematic and unceasing prayer for missionaries and the nations. We will face disappointments and unanswered questions – but we will also see hearts awakened to the light of the gospel and missionaries stay on the field in response to our prayers.

If we pray, fast, and worship mostly, we will run into the work God is already doing.

It is heartbreaking to want to make a difference, but not know how.

You want to see the broken made whole, but you don’t know the first thing about training missionaries or rescuing kids from human trafficking.

Let us be the expression of your heart for the lost. Just because you aren’t able to go to the mission field yourself doesn’t mean that you can’t make an eternal impact. We will be your hands and feet to the broken.

God tells us in His Word that He loves a cheerful giver, which is why we want to create opportunities to give as He leads and with a cheerful heart, through no obligation.


We utilize holistic and experiential learning to train individuals to take the gospel into any context or culture.

The 11-month Great Commission Academy arms believers with the practical and spiritual tools needed to persevere long enough to see God do the extraordinary. Though we cannot eliminate the call to die to self, we do whatever we can to simplify the path to the cross.

Our 12-day Wilderness Leadership Intensive teaches the relational skills you need to work through conflict. Intentional leadership development in the wilderness empowers you to overcome tension so that when pressures rise, you know how to bind together with others to create solutions.

Only 25% of mission organizations preach the Gospel and plant churches, while the rest are merely involved in addressing social problems like feeding and clothing the poor. So the lost may have their temporary physical needs met, but they still face eternal separation from Jesus.

Empowered by the Holy Spirit, we go to the difficult places and proclaim the good news to the poor. We disciple through house churches and corporate worship and we train national pastors to reach the lost in their own culture.

If we crucify our flesh and go in obedience to the Great Commission, we will see God bring salvation to His sons and daughters in every nation on earth.